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Why a Lexus V8 1UZFE

The Lexus V8 1UZFE has been the first choice among automotive sport and 4x4 enthusiasts looking to upgrade both power and performance, or simply extend the life of their vehicle for a reasonable price.  The mechanical design, construction and specifications of this tried and tested power plant speak  for themselves. Even BMW copied a lot of the design features for their V8. 

The Lexus V8 1UZFE 4.0L (3,968 cc/242.1 cu in) engine with it's all alloy block is extremely light for its high power output.

It has proved to be a strong, reliable and smooth power plant with quality features such as 6-bolt main bearings and belt driven quad-camshafts. The water pump is also driven by the cam belt.

In its standard, original trim with 10:1 compression, power output is 191 KW (256hp), and torque of 353 Nm (260 lb ft).  The engine is over square by design, with a bore size of 87.5mm (93.44 in) and stroke of 82.5mm (3.25 in)

The connecting rods and crankshaft are high quality steel construction.

The pistons are hyper eutectic meaning they are made from high tech aluminum designed to withstand higher strain and heat than conventional aluminum pistons.  

If you don't overheat it or run it out of oil you pretty much can't kill it. They have been known to rev to 9000 rpm on stock internals for a limited period, provided your aftermarket EFI system will allow it.

A 4WD Hilux weighing 1560 kg does a 1/4 mile in 15.0 seconds on mud tyres, with a lot of wheel spin.

While one may read and hear of horror stories, if done correctly by a professional shop, a Lexus V8 1UZFE engine conversion is a pleasure to own, drive and maintain.

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